Extremists and anti-Semites on board of Nectar Trust/Qatar Charity-funded Sheffield mosque

Mega-mosque in Burngreave received funding from suspicious charity Nectar Trust (ex-Qatar Charity) that is under US watch for terrorism funding, Wikileaks documents revealed

The Al Emaan mosque in Sheffield has been marred in controversy for its extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and to a charity classified as a terrorist organisation based in Qatar. 

The new Islamic prayer centre, which has room for 500 worshippers, was completed in 2017 and is officially run by the Emaan Trust. This charity, however, is supported by the Nectar Trust (formerly Qatar Charity’s UK branch), which was listed as a “priority III terrorism support entity” in 2008, according to US diplomatic cables published by Wikileaks.

Qatar Charity has a long-standing history of supporting terrorism. In the early 1990s, Osama bin Laden associated his terrorist organisation al-Qaeda with the charity, saying it was funding some of its international operations, including in Mali. According to Fox News, Qatar Charity also indirectly supported the attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. 

In the UK, the charity changed its name in October 2017 to Nectar Trust, officially to “better meets the charity’s mission and objects, and make it easier to raise funds and form partnerships with various government and non-government organisations”, filings to the Charity Commission show. Although it tried to disassociate itself from Qatar and its tarnished image – the state has been called a sponsor of terrorism by its Middle Eastern neighbours and the US – Nectar Trust’s core hardly changed.

Emaan Trust received £397,000 from what is now Nectar Trust in 2013, and it is likely that more money flowed from Qatar to Yorkshire. Doha-based Qatar Charity has donated over £28m during the financial year 2016/17 to its UK branch. Among the benefactors of the trust in Europe were the Muslim League of Belgium, Italian Islamic UCOII and French Passerelles Endowment Fund, also Islamic fundamentalist groups associated to the global Muslim Brotherhood.  

Al-Marri is in like-minded company at the Al Emaan Islamic centre. Among the trustees is Khalid Al-Mathour, who is also chairman of the Kuwaiti sharia council and who has previously claimed Jews orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. Another trustee is Kuwaiti government official Essam Al-Fulaoj, who also claimed that Zionists and Mossad were behind 9/11. Al-Fulaoj and Al-Mathour are believed to have funnelled a further £500,000 into the Sheffield mosque, The Star reports.

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