A family of radical Islamists operates in the UK – and nobody is stopping them

  • The Al-Rawi brothers fund the Muslim Brotherhood, have trained terrorists and fought coalition forces in Iraq
  • Brother Ahmed Al-Rawi sits on board of new mega-mosque in Sheffield, which trains teenagers in their radical version of Islam
  • He is also a trustee of Qatar-backed ‘charity’ Nectar Trust

As the UK is debating over whether runaway teenager-turned-Jihadi-bride Shamima Begum should be allowed to return home from Syria, the Al-Rawi family of a terrorism supporters has operated in the UK for decades. 

Ahmed Al-Rawi, who has Iraqi and British passports, is perhaps best known as the former president of the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE), which is considered to be the umbrella organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood. FIOE also oversees the Forum or European Muslim Youth and Student Organisation, the youth recruitment arm for the Brotherhood. 

As a senior member of the Brotherhood, which in several countries including Russia and Israel is considered a terrorism entity, Ahmed Al-Rawi was also a trustee of the Union of Good, a financing front hiding behind humanitarian efforts to fund Hamas. In the UK, Al-Rawi is a trustee of Nectar Trust, the British offshoot of Qatar Charity, which has been described by the US as a “priority III terrorism support entity”.

This classification, as it was revealed in a diplomatic cable leaked by Wikileaks, may have come following Al-Rawi’s remarks in 2014 that British soldiers would be fair targets in the Iraq War. He compared the coalition forces to Nazi invaders of France in 1940. Qatar Charity also supported al-Qaeda and was named by Osama bin Laden as a financier during the 1990s.

Ahmed Al-Rawi is currently a trustee at the Emaan trust, which developed the new Islamic centre in Sheffield large enough for 500 worshippers per session. Al-Rawi recently became a shareholder in Leedsgate, a property developer, and previously developed the Samara Plaza for students in Leeds, which is suspected of funding the Brotherhood through its rental income. The latter is registered on the Channel Islands and includes several Muslim Brothers and Al-Rawi family members among its shareholders.

While Ahmed is the most senior Muslim Brother in his family, his two brothers were also devoted to their version of radical Islam. Khadem Al-Rawi was a former director of the European Institute for Human Sciences (EIHS), a training academy for Muslim Brothers in France and the UK. It teaches Arabic, Islamic studies and trains imams, according to Muslim Brotherhood Watch.

Among EIHS’s former students are Michael Adebowale, who in 2013 killed British soldier Lee Rigby in broad daylight as he drove to his barracks in London, and a number of Al-Qaeda supporters. Khadem also kept company with Magdi al-Nashar, who has been linked to the 7/7 attacks on the London Underground in 2005. 

A post on Muslim Aid indicates Khadem died in 2011.

Ahmed’s second brother, Isam, lived in Iraq. He was a member of the Shura Council of the Association of Muslim Scholars, which governs the association and is seen as an offshoot of the Brotherhood in Iraq. Isam died while fighting US troops in Baghdad in 2006.

While Ahmed Al-Rawi’s two siblings have passed away, he has installed numerous other family members at the property companies and trusts he runs – all in aid of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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